Sunday, January 25, 2009

Museum of Islamic Art

Here is a short slideshow with pics from the museum trip yesterday:


  1. Those are some really cool artifacts!Catherine G

  2. The guy on the horse looked more like a European Crusader. Was he?

  3. Hans F said

    Did the musuem interest you?

  4. Hans F said...

    Those pots look over 50 years old!

  5. Andrew W. says those artifacts are amazing. Are you bringing back any souveniers.

  6. Hans-
    The museum was really neat. The outside looked super-cool. The city's skyline is just across the water behind the museum and it is a sight to see.
    re: pots being 50 years old- LOL

    Andrew- I bought some stuff today for my family, but I will bring some other stuff back to give out as prizes for people who write the best comments!

  7. Rose S said:
    Those artifacts were so beautiful!
    My fav picture was the huge glass wall looking out to the water. :)

  8. Rose said:
    What have you learned so far in Doha?
    Have you learned to say anything in Arabic?

  9. It is very interesting to see how long the time span is. Katherine K.

  10. mr. Haines i am speechless with their way of art!!! This art is .... Gorgeous!
    Megan G

  11. Hi Mr.Haines!

    The art there is fantastic! I would really love to visit there someday! How is the weather in Qatar? Anyway, I hope you are enjoying yourself!

  12. Hi Rose!
    I'll tell you all about it when I see you guys. I did learn some more Arabic. Most of it I have no idea how to spell though!

    the weather is great. In the summer it gets unbearably hot, but luckily its not summer yet!

    Bren- I am home! Just landed 2 hours ago. I have a little something for the girls, too.

  13. tommy S.
    I loved the art work! What was your favorite one. Are you having a lot of fun?

  14. Trevor C.-
    The art work was pretty cool.
    But the shape of the museum was crazy.

  15. James-

    That art work war awesome.
    Did have fun?
    I learned alot about Qatar because of the Questions.

  16. This Video was very interesting! Did you learn about there language and their culture? What was the weather like there?

    Gabby M

  17. Tommy-
    Yes it was terrific. Very busy but it was a wonderful experience!
    Trevor- the museum was great. Do you know what famous architect designed it?
    Good to know!
    I did learn an lot while I was there. I met so many people from so many different cultures. The weather was nice this time of year- not too hot like in the summer for them.

  18. TrevorG-
    Was it difficult getting arround there?

  19. Trevor G-
    It wasn't hard for a few reasons-
    1. They drove us in a bus to the conference and to sight-seeing everyday and
    2. Our hotel was right in the city, so it wasn't hard to walk anywhere at night.