Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 6th Omani

On our bus tour, to the waterfront (known as 'The Corniche') I chatted with a teacher from Oman and his 4 students. We hit it off right away and I have to say I am super impressed with those kids. They are some of the most polite high school kids I ever met.

We exchanged information and I have spent the better part of the morning talking with them, learning from them, sharing with them. We took a tour of the new museum (which I will write about later) and because of our instant bond I began calling myself the "6th Omani". Here is a pic of us at the Corniche:

If you are wondering why we seem to be 2 Omanis short, it is because one was taking the picture and one wandered off!

Listen to what Salim Al Busaidi, the Omani teacher, had to say about his experience with the Flat Classroom Project:


  1. Dear George,

    Thanks a lot for posting about us. We really enjoyed being with you during the tour and the conference.

    Salim Al-Busaidi

  2. What is the teacher wearing?

  3. How old are the kids in his class?

  4. What kind of environmentalist projects were the kids working on.

  5. so the students believe the earth is flat, or is it just a project?

  6. Catherine-
    They are wearing what is called a "dishdasha" there are other names for it depending on where you are from.

    They are all 16.

    Anonymous- they started the very first "Eco Group" in Oman.

    The word "flat" is a metaphor. What it really means is that the boundaries of distance and communication have been squished so that people can now connect to each other and it isn't only rich and powerful people that can get things done.
    I'll explain more later!